Arthur Ryan Main   Arthur Ryan Study   Peter Chapman   Anton Muscatelli   Sir Peter Mansfield   Skye
Arthur Ryan
h 65cm x w 126cm
  Arthur Ryan (Study)
h 60cm x w 71cm
  Peter Chapman
h 129cm x w 66cm
  Anton Muscatelli
h 122cm x w 106cm
  Sir Peter Mansfield
h 147cm x w 79cm
h 109cm x w 58cm
Ian McDiarmid   Richard Ramsay   Bob LeSueur Study   A Warm Welcome   Arnold Palmer   Tiffany
Ian McDiarmid
h 62cm x w 105cm
  Richard Ramsay
h 122cm x w 94cm
  Bob LeSueur Study
h 29cm x w 29cm
  A Warm Welcome
h 122cm x w 79cm
  Arnold Palmer
h 45cm x w 32cm
h 108cm x w 50cm
John Reynolds   The Telephone   Before the Return   TheMiracle   Ian McDiarmid Study   Evan Detail
John Reynolds
h 127cm x w 102cm
  The Telephone
h 70cm x w 53cm
  Before the Return
h 61cm x w 96cm
  The Miracle
h 63cm x w 58cm
  Ian McDiarmid Study
h 44cm x w 37cm
h 35cm x w 30cm
^ The Miracle (Detail)
2004 BP Portrait Award 1st Prize Winner

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