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FullMoon   generations   cooling down   life in a day   montrose sunset
Full Moon
h 42cm x w 60cm
h 79cm x w 61cm
  Cooling Down
h 61cm x w 44cm
  Life in a Day
h 102cm x w 170cm
  Montrose Sunset
h 45cm x w 96cm
catching waves   BeforeAustralia   WinterSunset   CenturiesPast   hallwaylight
Catching Waves
h 41cm x w 61cm
  Before Australia
h 63cm x w 47cm
  Winter Sunset
h 50cm x w 65cm
  Centuries Past
h 61cm x w 80cm
  Hallway Light
h 58cm x w 81cm
Fruit Punch   Leaving Whinnyfold   Can You Read My Mind   life in a day study
Fruit Punch
h 61cm x w 81cm
  Leaving Whinnyfold
h 58cm x w 118cm
  Can You Read My Mind?
h 51cm x w 68cm
  Life in a Day Study
h 57cm x w 80cm
^ Life in a Day - Detail

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